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This Distance Learning Independent online course is for Pediatric OTs and COTAs who would like to toilet train neurodivergent children and teens using a new evidence-based toilet training system. 10 contact hours, awarding 1.0 AOTA CEUs. 

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I almost gave up on toilet training...


Many people don't know this about me, but I really struggled when I started as a Pediatric COTA/L with the main goal of being the most impactful therapist I could be to the families I served.


Let me tell you a quick story about the time I was trying to address toileting problems with one of my 4-year-old non-speaking clients who had a major meltdown in the clinic’s bathroom that was directly in front of the "quiet" waiting room as all the parents and staff watched in awkwardness. 


At the time, I was trying to become my primary caregiver's and client's hero and finally get my client out of diapers and become independent in toileting.


His mother was tired of him missing out on extracurricular activities because he wasn’t “potty trained,” and as a pediatric therapist, I saw the consequences he suffered from being withheld from such independence, participation, and relationships. 


I was struggling with knowing how to go about addressing toileting goals, and it seemed like there were not many resources available or intervention plans to follow.


And I was feeling more and more incompetent, lost, and overwhelmed, with over 70% of my caseload over the age of 3 still in stinky soiled diapers.


Then the bottom fell out from under me when I started addressing toileting goals during my sessions but then did not know how to promote at-home carryover and increase overall parent investment. My primary caregivers would come back the next week with no progress to report, so I felt useless.


This meant my clients would continue to remain in diapers, affecting their overall well-being and independence.


As you can imagine, I was in bad shape and desperate, but I wasn't ready to give up on my dream of providing excellent care for my clients and helping them become independent in every ADL, especially what seemed to look like the most neglected ADL, toileting.


Then I discovered this evidence-based toilet training system.

At that point, everything changed! I discovered how pediatric therapists can:

  • Address the underlying skills required for toileting independence, such as GI issues, motor skills, and interoception
  • Measure progress and improve carryover, which results in a drastic increase in toileting independence 
  • And how to bill for toileting goals, and coach and consult the primary caregiver during the toilet training process

Because I was introduced to using an evidence-based toilet training system, I was able to understand how pediatric therapists can:

  • Toilet train, the most challenging cases, such as an autistic 13-year-old nonspeaking teen diagnosed with ODD and violent behavior with a history of potty training failures
  • Help children increase their independence, and participation in extracurricular activities, which relieves the burden on primary caregivers 
  • Help more families and get more referrals, whether that be in the clinic, at home, at school, or remotely via Telehealth

Now I'm living my dream of guiding pediatric therapists to help their clients become independent in toileting so they never have to struggle, feel alone, and try to figure out how to toilet train neurodivergent children and teens ever again.

If you implement each step I show you in this course, you'll know exactly how to approach different behaviors, address the underlying skills during your sessions, finally solidify consistent at-home carryover, and get your clients independent in toileting once and for all.


Lock in today's price before it increases in the future. As I add more and more content, the price will go up - but enroll today, and you'll get all the future updates and modules completely free.

Your friend,

Arianna Medina

Speaker and Author of Toilet Training Success Academy

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Our Mission is to fully equip pediatric providers with everything they need to toilet train their clients effectively and efficiently.

Every day, primary caregivers all around the world desperately need help with toilet training, and the age in which children are fully toilet trained continues to rise.

We provide you with the best evidence-based toilet training treatment packages for each setting using a strong coaching model to ensure carryover and finally achieve ultimate toileting independence for your families once and for all.

Together, we can make a huge impact one child at a time by boosting their confidence, self-esteem, personal relationships, and participation in this world simply by promoting their toileting independence.

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