3 Potty Training Mistakes to Avoid for Successfully Getting Your Kids Out of Diapers for Good!

Feb 05, 2021
You’ve probably read all there is to read about how to potty train your child. However, nothing can fully prepare you for when you’re in the trenches. 
That being said, it’s so easy to make simple mistakes during this process.
Here, we’ll examine the # most common potty training mistakes so you can get your little one out of diapers for good!
1. Your child isn’t ready yet
Before he died, Dr. Charles Shubin who was the director of pediatrics at the Family Health Centers of Baltimore had stated that parents need to look for the signs that a child is ready to use the toilet. They need to have the capability of controlling those potty functions as well as want to do so. So, if your child follows you to the bathroom and seems curious about the process and gets upset about wearing a dirty diaper and tells you so, this is when it’s the right time to start trying.
2. You weren’t ready either
Some parents manage to get their kids using the potty in days. For others, it’s a much longer process. Every child is different and you need to commit to being there to help. Choosing a time for potty training when your responsibilities won’t be as vast is better because you can prepare to stay home until your kid gets the hang of it.
3. You go back and forth to diapers for bedtime
When you switch back and forth on diapers or even pull-ups for bedtime or naps, your child is getting mixed signals. This also applies to long drives. Exactly the reason why you shouldn’t plan your potty training adventures when you’re planning on any travels. 
One last thing about potty training...
Become an expert for watching the signals your child makes that they might have to go potty.

 The 3 Best Toilet Training Books

  1. The Holy Grail of Potty Training - by Tasha Powers
  2. Now I Know, How to Go Potty - by Tasha Powers
  3. How To Wipe Your Butt For Kids - by Tasha Powers

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