5 Tips to Handle Homeschooling with Toddlers

homeschooling Feb 05, 2021
In some parts of the country, schools have opened their doors while others stick to online learning for a while. 
Many districts have even given options so parents can choose to send their kids in or go for virtual. 
Whether you actively chose to keep your toddler home or everything is virtual for now in your area, homeschooling a toddler might feel like more than you can handle.
It’s certainly stressful. You wonder if you’ll be teaching them all they need to know, and all the while, trying to get your own work done so that you don’t lose your job. 
Fortunately, these 5 tips will help you handle homeschooling your toddler while the pandemic is around.
1. Create a schedule (but be flexible)
Having a schedule is a great idea. However, you can surrender the dream of having a rigid and set time for everything. It’s good to have a flow and a rough idea of what you’ll be doing. But toddler life as we all know forces us to be spontaneous. Allow room to roll with any changes that come your way. What needs to get done will get done in its own time. 
2. Mix practicality with fun
It’s certainly a change having to work from home and teach a toddler. But look on the bright side…you have the distinct opportunity to show them some other stuff in between to keep the day full of learning fun. Kids can learn simple measurements from helping you cook, plus there are other chores around the house that will teach them life lessons as well. Don’t forget to add some time for recess. It will do you and your toddler good to get outdoors and play. 
3. Create a specific learning space
Making a fun learning space for your toddler will help them stay focused. Preferably, if you put it somewhere that allows you to keep an eye out, things will go smoothly. You’ll see when they get stuck and can offer some help meanwhile, they’ll know you’re right nearby which will help them feel comfortable and safe. 
4. Take breaks for yourself
The biggest mistake parents make when homeschooling toddlers is that they let their kids take a break but then keep on working. You should take breaks with your child to play together and blow off steam, like recess. But you also need to take a break that gives you that me-time you need. Homeschooling does not mean constant working from sun up to sun down!
5. Let online resources bridge the gap
You don’t need to come up with Pinterest-style lessons and activities every day. However, the internet is a great place to find learning activities that won’t cost you a thing. This great roundup of free online school resources from USA Today can help you get started!
There’s one final thing to remember… you don’t have to turn your home into a mini version of school. 
Just being present and doing your best is all that really matters during these unusual times!

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