How To Toilet Train Twins - 6 Golden Tips

Feb 26, 2021

When people hear "twins," they automatically think "double trouble," but this isn't always the case.

When it comes to toilet training, "double trouble" may not be trouble at all but may actually be beneficial.


When two children learn how to use the toilet together, they may encourage and motivate each other and learn from one another.

When two toddlers are learning together, it may actually speed up the training process.

On the other hand, there is a word of caution to this tale of twin toilet training.

Siblings will be siblings, and not only will they try to outdo each other, but chances are they will also try to do it at the exact same time.

This may lead to bickering, as siblings do, over who gets to use the toilet first or whose turn it is.

It's important to stay calm and see the funny side of fighting over the toilet.

Tips and Tricks for Toilet Training Twins

While you should always try to ensure that each child uses a proper toilet to relieve themselves, with twins this could cause a problem if they do actually have to go at the same time.

In this instance, it may be a good idea to invest in a small potty so that, in the case of both needing to use the toilet simultaneously.

  • Get your twins to learn from each other by emulating each other.
  • Try to get them to encourage each other to do it right and learn to successfully use the toilet independently.
  • Identify each child's individual progress and praise them each separately according to their own personal pace.
  • Tailor rewards to each child’s individual motivators and likes. If they both like or are motivated by the same things, then that's great! If they aren't, don't just make rewards generic.
  • By making rewards specific to each child, you are giving them additional motivation to be successful.
  • Keep both children on a similar or the same schedule for toilet training, and you will find that you have more success.

You are likely to carry the same schedule from infancy to toilet training. When children sleep, drink, and eat simultaneously, they are likely to toilet at a similar, or at the same time.

Now, go for it! :) 

Cheers to toilet training twins! 

 The 3 Best Toilet Training Books

  1. The Holy Grail of Potty Training - by Tasha Powers
  2. Now I Know, How to Go Potty - by Tasha Powers
  3. How To Wipe Your Butt For Kids - by Tasha Powers

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