Hi, I'm Arianna Medina

Founder of Toilet Training Success Academy


This is my Story

I started my quest by desperately failing at toilet training my clients as a pediatric COTA/L. Then becoming an AOTA Approved Provider and synthesizing a list of 60+ evidence-based toilet training research case studies, narrowing down on those that made surprisingly substantial improvements in their independence in a short period of time. 

I finally settled on 5 of the strongest toilet training treatment packages and discovered common traits that challenged many of the conventional notions of "waiting until the child is ready" or assuming a child will never become independent in toileting due to a diagnosis or older age. 

Helping your clients become independent in toileting doesn't require you to be in the home setting 24/7, or have tons of pediatric experience. 

The key factor to each one of those therapists' successful cases wasn't just some magic trick but was in the way in which they prepared, whether or not they followed an evidence-based toilet training treatment package and followed the new primary caregiver coaching and consulting approach. 

Most of this content is not my own but is backed by peer-reviewed evidence-based research on over 60+ of the most unique case studies with some of the most challenging cases. I openly admit that this toilet training system we will break down does not originate from me. It wasn't until I was faced toileting problems and attempted to address them myself in the clinical setting and then became an AOTA Approved Provider that I discovered the evidence-based path and created the resources from scratch that I wish had when I started. 

So I've synthesized all the information in an organized and coherent manner. 

So if your way is not giving you and your clients the results you want, it's time to consider taking a real serious look at these evidence-based intervention plans, approaches, and "toilet training treatment packages." 

Our online course, which awards 10 contact hours and 1.0 AOTA CEUs, is sprinkled with dozens of stories and examples of neurodivergent children, teens, and young adults who many others doubted would ever be toilet trained, 100% independent in toileting and some within 2 weeks. 


Your friend, 
Arianna Medina

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