About me

Hi, I’m Arianna! I can’t wait to help you toilet train your little one quickly.

I've worked one on one with many children to achieve their individualized toileting goals on a daily basis, starting from home health to outpatient therapy while having the privilege to work side by side with Physical, Speech, and ABA therapists.  
I hold an Associate of Science degree in Occupational Therapy with intensive continuing education in Neurofeedback and Holistic Health Sciences at Quantum University.
When I first started working with pediatrics as a certified occupational therapy assistant, I was overwhelmed, stressed, and felt hopeless because ALL my clients were struggling with toilet training and I didn't know how to go about it due to the lack of resources, a proven plan, and consistent carryover.
As you can imagine, seeing a child for only 2 hours a week (if that) just wasn't enough to FULLY toilet train.
Quickly, I realized that there were some gaps in the field so, after years of deep evidence-based research, I created resources, gathered new screening tools, and formulated a toilet training model to guide pediatric therapists to toilet train the most challenging cases.
I invite you to join us on this mission to empower families all over the world to potty train their little ones quickly, OT-style. 
I am passionate about enriching the lives of our little ones who are going to go on to shape the future of our society and our world. 
P.S. You may notice that my books are written by Tasha Powers and Steven R. Graham, that's my pen name and my husband's pen name :)
All the best, 
Arianna Medina
AOTA Approved Provider