Toilet Training Success Academy

How Pediatric Therapists Can Toilet Train Neurodivergent Children WITH NEW Evidence-Based Screening Tools, Toilet Training Systems, and a NEW "Coaching and Carryover" Model To Ensure Ultimate Toileting Independence.  

no matter how challenging and intimidating the situation may look...

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The Mission

Our mission is to fully equip pediatric therapists with everything they need to toilet train their clients effectively and efficiently.

Every day, primary caregivers all around the world desperately need help with toilet training, and the age in which children are fully toilet trained continues to rise.

We provide you with the best evidence-based toilet training methods for each setting using a strong coaching model you can bill for to ensure carryover and finally achieve ultimate toileting independence for your families once and for all. 

Together, we can make a huge impact one child at a time by transforming their confidence, self-esteem, personal relationships, and participation in this world simply by promoting their toileting independence.

Who is this for? 

This is primarily for Pediatric Therapists who are determined to toilet train neurodiverse children quickly. If you are a pediatric provider working in teletherapy, in the clinic, home, or school with kiddos still in diapers and struggling with at-home carryover, this is for you.

When does it start? 

You start as soon as you enroll and will have immediate 3-month access to our online curriculum and our private community. Rest assured, you can have peace of mind knowing you’ll never feel alone in your journey because we are here with you every step of the way, to help you empower your families to massive success.

What's included? 

This online program provides you with interventions to address the underlying skills, evidence-based toilet training systems for each setting, measurement instruments, assessments, goal writing templates, 50+ toileting resources, insights into the new coaching model to ensure carryover, and much more.

AOTA Approved ✅

10 Contact Hours = 1.0 CEUs Awarded

After completing this intermediate, 10-hour self-paced course, you will be awarded 1.0 CEUs (10 contact hours) only if you complete all 9 phases, pass the simple quizzes, submit your case study and complete the required post-course satisfaction questionnaire. 



Toilet Training Success Academy is for you if:

  • You work with Autism, ADHD, Oppositional defiant disorder, Sensory processing disorder, Down syndrome, Spina Bifida, and related diagnoses
  • You have kiddos on your caseload who are still in diapers that desperately need to be toilet trained
  • You feel guilty avoiding toileting goals knowing your client could be toilet trained given the proper intervention and carryover
  • You want to have the confidence knowing your family will follow through at home when you're not there

Want to be Thee Go-To Therapist?

Confidence. Empowerment. Expertise.  


In Toilet Training Success Academy, you'll learn: 

  • How to meet your client and family where they are and determine readiness: You know toileting is very important and many of your families struggle with it, but you often feel stuck because you’re not sure if the child is ready. Learn what the 3 readiness signs are according to 2021 evidence-based research. 


  • The most important toilet training prerequisites that most clinicians overlook: Stop feeling frustrated and ineffective and finally understand the brain-gut connection on a deeper level and how it affects the bowel and bladder, constipation, urine withholding, UTIs, selective eaters, interoception, and many more vital components that contribute to ultimate toileting success.


  • How to address all the underlying skills needed for ultimate toileting independence: Once you determine readiness, you’ll never again feel intimidated because you’ll have a deeper understanding of how our neurodiverse brain works, fully equipping you to strategically approach the most challenging behaviors with confidence. This will lay the foundation to address the underlying skills such as executive function, motor, sensory, and pelvic floor through specific intervention strategies through meaningful play-learning activities. 


  • An evidence-based toilet training system and a toilet training toolbox that will fully equip you from the get-go: Stop wasting your time providing basic caregiver education that is not effective, it's time to unite and coach your families and together create a strong Toilet Training Program backed by evidence-based research that can be implemented in any setting. You’ll be able to give the family the most meaningful, done-for-you learning resources according to their strengths and learning style that go hand in hand with the evidence-based toilet training procedure you collaboratively select. 


  • Overall generalization including school, daycare, and public restrooms: Your client thinks any other toilet aside from their toilet at home is the apocalypse. So you'll learn how to introduce your client to all the other toilets such as the ones at school, daycare, and public restrooms. Get past regression before it even starts with a regression prevention process that you and the primary caregiver can easily implement.


  • Up-to-date assessments to guide you throughout the entire process: Validated measures and instruments to assess readiness, toileting progress, sensory over responsiveness to defecation, feeding and eating, constipation and urine withholding, and much more.  


  • BONUSES: Mindfulness, Periods, and Puberty 🌟
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Expert Guest Speakers

Kelly Mahler, OTD, OTR/L - Expert in Interoception and Toilet Training

Kelly is the winner of multiple awards including the 2020 AOTA Emerging and Innovative Practice Award & a Mom’s Choice Gold Medal, she is an interoception groupie who is actively involved in research projects on topics such as interoception, self-regulation, trauma, and autism.

In our interview, she reveals the root cause as to why some children don't recognize that they need to toilet and exactly what we can do to achieve ultimate toileting success. 

Kerri Hample, OTD, OTR/L - Expert in Selective Eaters and Toilet Training

Kerri has 20+ years of experience working with selective eaters and toileting problems. During her extensive continuing education in accomplishing her Certification as a Functional Medicine Health Coach, she has discovered a deeper root to these problems.

In our interview, she reveals the vicious cycle behind our children's food habits and how to break them in order to achieve ultimate toileting independence once and for all.

Dr. Steve Hodges, Pediatric Urologist MD - Expert in Enuresis, Encopresis, and Toilet Training

Children with severe bedwetting and accident problems are referred to Dr. Hodges on a daily basis. 

During our interview, he reveals how to resolve constipation, urine withholding, and bedwetting with diagnoses such as Autism, ADHD, ODD, and SPD in order to achieve ultimate toileting independence and prevent years of suffering.

What Therapists Are Saying


"Five out of five stars! It was a very insightful course that encompassed a wide variety of toilet training topics! It really had me think about the whole child in terms of toilet training. I believe this was a beautifully formatted course."

- Siobhan D., OTR/L in a School Setting


"I love how in-depth the course went into evidence-based toilet training methods in different settings. Exploring various underlying reasons for various toileting challenges was also extremely helpful. Thank you Arianna for such a comprehensive toilet training course!"

- Stephanie C., OTR/L in a Clinic Setting


"Such a thorough course! It is obviously well-researched and presented beautifully."

- Amy W., Child Psychologist in a Clinic Setting


"Very well organized and presented."

- Amanda B., Physical Therapist


"Love this course! Learned a lot about underlying issues to toileting, and more clear ways to coach parents throughout the toileting journey."

Yun F., OTR/L in a School and Home Setting


"I am happy with the success that my clients are all sharing with me!!!"

- Carol S., Toilet Training Professional




  • 6-month access, including updates to this on-demand online course with 9 modules and 33 video lessons
  • A selection of the strongest, most up-to-date evidence-based toilet training procedures for each clinical setting
  • A strong coaching model to ensure carryover across all environments that you can bill for
  • Downloadable Done-For-You toilet training children books and 50+ individualized resources including visual sequence charts, handouts, parental brochures, bowel and bladder diaries, checklists, and much more
  • New screening and assessment tools
  • Optional membership in our therapist-run Private Toilet Training Facebook Group, where we share, motivate and network with other pediatric providers.
  • Total of 10 contact hours. Dedicate only 1 hour per week and you'll finish the entire course in 10 easy weeks!
  •  At the end of this course, you will receive a Certification of Completion Awarding you 1.0 AOTA CEUs
  • 2 Free Bonuses Including Mindfulness, Periods, and Puberty
  • This online course will fully equip you with the knowledge and tools to tackle a worldwide problematic milestone
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I almost gave up on toilet training...

I remember when I first started working with kiddos as a pediatric COTA...

I was overwhelmed, stressed, and felt hopeless because ALL my clients were struggling with toilet training and I didn't know how to go about it due to the lack of evidence-based resources, specialized knowledge, a proven system, and a consistent carryover plan.

Seeing a child 2 hours per week (if that) just wasn't enough time to fully toilet train. 

My clients and their families desperately needed help in this area and I could no longer ignore it so I decided to take massive action and develop a toilet training system backed by evidence-based research. 

Trust me, I understand your struggles first hand (I was there) so that's why I am personally invested in seeing you and your families succeed - let me give you the tools to get there.

If you implement each step I show you in this course, you'll know exactly how to approach different behaviors, address the underlying skills during your sessions, finally solidify consistent at-home carryover, and get your clients toilet trained once and for all.

Lock-in today's price before it increases in the future. As I add more and more content, the price will go up - but enroll today and you'll get all the future updates and modules completely free.

Cheers to Toileting Independence,

Arianna Medina, Expert Toilet Trainer, AOTA Approved Provider